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November 2, 2019

Progress and corrected in IELTS course

By Alex Smith Doe

It is also possible to follow his progress thanks to detailed statistics, and a follow-up of his performances. Finally, we also provide available answers to all questions that include a detailed explanation from teachers. You will, therefore, benefit from british council hong kong ielts quality English courses that will allow you to perfect your level in the language of Shakespeare.

Free webinars

Our platform also offers free webinars which are for us an innovative way to continue the training of students and professionals at the passage of the IELTS.

You will have the opportunity to ask for ielts past paper download any questions that bother you before the day of the exam and you will have the opportunity to address topics that interest you. These webinars are accessible to everyone without subscription obligations.

To find work more easily

Stand out

The IELTS is a fairly general test, its results are quite suitable for the business world. Thus, when you are actively looking for a job, having an extra element such as a good IELTS score can certainly benefit you in the face of other candidates with the same qualifications. It is always important to stand out. With the current economic context in France, having a degree attesting to your level of English is an advantage that should not be taken lightly. An assiduous preparation and an exemplary application will quickly be rewarded by a very good test score.

Council hong kong ielts

Motivation and globalization

Indeed, companies already appreciate the approach of candidates who pass these language tests, because it shows their motivation and their desire to succeed.

Language skills are also very popular with recruiters who are increasingly looking for people who speak English, due to globalization increasingly present in the world of business that pushes them to work more regularly in the world. an environment where English has become necessary to continue working in the market.

What do IELTS scores mean?

The IELTS score series from 1 to 9. Each score corresponds to a higher or lower level in English. It brings together the four competencies assessed by the IELTS: oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression, and written expression.

Analysis of your score

  • If you score less than 2.5 / 9, you are A1, which is considered an absolute beginner.
  • If you get a score between 2.5 / 9 and 4/9, you are at level A2, which is a beginner, at the Baccalaureate level.
  • If you get a score of 5/9 or 5.5 / 9, you are at level B1, considered intermediate, middle level.
  • If you get a score of 5.5 / 9 to 7/9, you are B2, intermediate, but high with fairly regular practice.
  • Finally, if you score above 7/9, you are at level C1, advanced level, with a daily practice or previous experience in an English speaking country.