May 21, 2019

The Diploma in Banking and Finance Course and its Advantages

By Alex Smith Doe

With the RBI issuing the small bank licenses, new bank licenses and payments banking licenses, there are plenty of banking jobs that one can apply for. In fact, the banking sector will witness a massive demand for professional and qualified people in the years to come. Individuals with extensive knowledge as well as skills in the in the area of banking and finance along with familiarity with technology and customer support skills will easily get numerous banking desk jobs in the next 5-10 years. Keeping the above in mind, the IIBF has introduced the Diploma in Banking and Finance to help aspiring individuals to establish a career in the banking & finance sector. Continue reading to learn more about the Banking Course and its advantages for aspiring candidates.

All about the Banking Course

The Diploma in Banking and Finance provides candidates with sufficient knowledge in the processes and functioning of the banking sector. Candidates who pass the Banking Course gain a competitive edge over others and can easily find jobs in the banking as well as financial companies. The course that has been certified by the IIBF or the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance and approved by the Indian Banking Association or the IBA is ideal for candidates who wish to establish their careers in the field of banking & finance. In fact, the IBA makes the list of successful candidates available on their website, which further allows banks & institutions such as State Bank of India, Reserve Bank of India, Public Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Cooperative Banks and Private Sector Banks to consider them for various posts within their organization.

The course is designed to develop your theoretical knowledge as well as practical knowledge regarding the functioning of the banks. Candidates learn more about wealth management, trade finance and retail banking etc. which eventually helps them to find placement in leading banks with minimal efforts. Candidates who choose to pursue the course are provided with interactive training. In addition to this, candidates are also offered training for building aptitude as well as soft skills that are required for clearing the interview for various bank jobs.

The Banking Course Content

As far as the Diploma in Banking and Finance is concerned, the content of the course is as follows:

Primary Course

  • Principles & Practices of Banking
  • Accounting & Finance for Bankers
  • Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking

Additional Course

  • Wealth management (NISM VA Mutual Fund Distributor and IC-33 by IRDA)
  • Trade Finance* (for Graduates only)
  • Retail Banking

The Banking Course is excellent for students who have passed their 12th exams or graduation. In fact, students who are pursuing, BFM,, BIM, BAF, B.Sc., BA or BBI can easily pursue the course to find suitable positions in banks and other financial institutions. Apart from this, working professionals and candidates who are pursuing their post-graduation or those who are already post graduates and looking to establish their careers in the field of banking & finance can also apply for the course to get desirable jobs in the banking sector.