Month: March 2019

March 27, 2019

The Best Options for Student Accommodation in Southampton

They will come from all regions of the United Kingdom and many more will arrive from all over the world: university students living and learning a higher education in the south coast city of Southampton.

One of the key aspects of higher education and being educated at a university, is to find somewhere local to live, which will act as a base for attending university, getting home safely, socialising with the other students and experiencing the life of a university undergraduate.

So, what are the best options for student accommodation in Southampton? Where can a student live comfortably, safely and securely in this city?

For many years now, Uni-Life Southampton has been providing students with the sort of accommodation that would raise eyebrows among those people who were once students themselves decades ago.

Modern Student Life Has Come a Long Way

If we go back to as recently as the 1980s, student digs or accommodation homes were wild and unkempt. Many of the houses were unclean, untidy and unruly. Thankfully, and into the 21st century we go now, and the accommodation facilities for students are far more habitable.

UniLife of Southampton has studio apartments offering stylish, relaxing and self-contained apartment areas close to the universities. The University of Southampton and the Solent University are both easily accessible by bus routes or within walking distance, if you prefer.

The Amenities are all Close to Your Student Accommodation Centres

The supermarkets and a large shopping centre are also located within five minutes’ walk of the student accommodation centre. There are a number of bars, boutiques and restaurants close by too.

What is it really like Inside the Accommodation Block?

It is stylish, plenty of room for storage, comfortable, soft beds and a spacious layout. Moreover, all this luxury has an excellent pricing plan to go with it. At UniLife there is one payment that covers all.

Students will never be faced with nasty surprises like an invoice asking them to contribute toward the television licence, extra gas used or contents insurance fees. All monies and bills are taken care of within the one payment up front for your student life accommodation.

At the Southampton UniLife apartments there are also rooms for couples. Moreover, it does not matter if your partner isn’t actually a student. The rooms are all comfortable and safe but there is always the option to upgrade to a Luxury or even a VIP room.

March 23, 2019

Top Reasons Why Tutorials Are Important To Students

Tutorials, whether online or in person, is something that all students need. Tutoring has that reputation of being used only in students with failing grades or to those who are struggling with their studies. While this may generally be true, it is not always the case. Some use it to gain an advantage and be advanced in their studies in preparation for the coming school year. Tutorials are not negative as some may try to frame but is actually necessary for some students and even adults. It is simply result-driven learning that is focused on achieving an objective. Tutorials are very useful especially if one wants to pass an entrance examination. Below are just some of the many benefits of having your kid go through a tutorial program. 

Individual And Unique Learning

Because of the one is to one ration under a tutorial setting, the student will receive a customized program that is tailor-made by the tutor to fit his or her learning style. Tutors, after an in-depth session with your child, will be able to customize the approach as to how the tutorial lessons should proceed. This is why it is very important to choose the proper tutors and ensure that only certified professionals are given access to your child. This is where learnmate tutoring reviews come in as they are among the best and at the forefront of tutorial services.

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Improves The Childs Attitude

One more benefit aside from having that learning edge is that tutorials done by professionals will help the child to have a more positive attitude towards learning and school. If the child has an advantage by being able to receive extra lessons on his or her tutorial reviews, that child will be evermore confident and will actually look forward to their classes.

Marked Improvement in Academic Performance

Tutorial sessions will prepare your child for his or her academic exams and develop a more positive attitude towards school with the added confidence boost that the extra lessons will impart. Not only will they benefit academically but it will greatly improve their confidence as well.

The Student Can Learn At Her Own Pace

With tutorials, the child may even initiate working on their schoolwork by themselves, they will be able to control the learning pace according to their comfort level and thus be more open to knowledge. 

An Improved Self Image

Not doing so well in class destroys a child’s confidence rather quickly. One unanswered question when asked by a teacher in front of the class may destroy a child’s confidence for the whole school year. Giving them tutorial classes will help avoid this and greatly improve the child’s damaged confidence.

Focused and Undivided Attention

Perhaps this is the single greatest advantage of tutorials. Whether online or in person, a student is less distracted when studying with a tutor.  This makes them focus on the task before them with the utmost concentration, which works wonders for retention of their learning, which in turn translates to better performance at school. Furthermore, tutorials increase the child’s awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses academically.

March 23, 2019

Outdoor games for young people

If you are a young person or live with teenagers at home, surely contact with mobile phones, tablets and computers is a daily matter. Technology, as has been well demonstrated, makes life easier in many ways: it helps us develop certain skills, keeps us informed and entertains children and adults with some ease.

However, you should bear in mind that a good balance between staying at home and doing outdoor activities is not only necessary but also brings many benefits: it increases energy levels, helps maintain a healthy lifestyle, encourages socialization, strengthens family ties and provides the development of various physical abilities, among many other favorable aspects.

Catch marbles with your feet

To play these variant, groups of three people must be formed. In a plastic container marbles of glass and water are thrown and later, by turns and with limit of time , each member of the team has to try to remove the greater number of balls of the container using only the feet.

After three turns (one for each member) the group with the most marbles wins.

It is generally recommended to use best outdoor play equipment or mat rubber on the outdoor play ground slide, because the plastic or rubber floor will not hurt much when children fall, and the water permeability is good.

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The spoon and the egg

Two groups are formed and, in each, there will be a basket of eggs and spoons for all members. The participants (all at the same time) must travel a previously defined path with a spoon in their mouth, in which an egg should be placed. Upon reaching the end, each member has to deposit the egg in a container and return for another. Keep in mind the following points:

  • All members participate at the same time.
  • At the end the eggs of all the participants are added.
  • You cannot use your hands.
  • Only the eggs that arrive without breaking count.


It is a race by sections for which you must form two or more groups. You will have to design a route with stops and, in each, pose a task or challenge to fulfill (such as a series of sit-ups, squats, etc.)

A representative of each team previously chosen begins and, at the end of the first stage and the corresponding challenge, is relieved by another member of the team who must run as fast as possible until the next stop. In that, another task awaits you and so on until you reach the end. In this case, the team that ends first the entire course wins.

Strip the rope

All participants must be divided into two groups. A line is drawn on the ground between the two, a rope is taken and each group must pull to its side. As you can imagine, the team that gets the opposing players over the line wins. This activity, besides being very entertaining and fun, is ideal for born competitors and for each one to demonstrate their strength and endurance.