Month: January 2020

January 26, 2020

Why Do Interviewers Fail To Call Back

It can be disappointing when an interviewer promised to call after the interview but they failed to fulfill their promises.  It will give you a sense of rejection and this can push one into depression. This is even more so if you feel you did well during the interview and deserve to be called back by the interviewer.  It can make you to lose confidence in yourself and you may find yourself unable to perform up to expectation in your next job interview.  What are the possible reasons why an interviewer said they would call but didn’t? We will try to provide helpful answers to the question in the course of this write-up so that you can be better prepared for the next interview to prevent that disappointing situation from repeating itself. The answers provided here can also help to put an end to that feeling of depression that usually comes with such a situation.

There are many applicants

When an Interviewer said they would call but didn’t, it may not be because the interviewer does not like your face or does not like the way you perform during the interview; it may just be because there are so many applicants and that many of these applicants are equally qualified. Consequently, the interviewer will be in a very difficult situation and will have to pick just any of the suitably qualified candidates. Even if you are one of the qualified candidates, you may end up not being selected because of the multitude of qualified candidates.  Also, the selection process may take a very long time.  For all you know, the selection process may still be on and the interviewer has not called back because the process is yet to be completed.

Why Do Interviewers Fail To Call Back

If the candidates are many, then the interviewers will need time to discuss each of the candidates before finally selecting the individual to employ.  Things can also take a long time if there are many interviewers. In such a situation, each of the interviewers will have to give his or her opinion about the job seeker.  The entire process will, therefore, take a very long time, especially if there are so many applicants.

You do not have all the requirements

One of the many reasons why interviewers fail to call back as promised is that you do not meet all the requirements. You might have performed excellently at the interview, but you may still not be considered for the job if you are missing one or two of the must-have requirements or skills.  Your performance at the interview may seem like a perfect one, but you might have failed to be adequately persuasive during the interview, which may be the reason for which the interviewer failed to call you back.

January 5, 2020

Best 4 Educational Apps for School Students

For a 21 century student victimization any of the academic apps could be a a part of their learning method. Nowadays, students value more highly to learn from instructional mobile applications instead of from college textbooks. Moreover, students notice it fascinating and fun whereas learning. Trouble some ideas square measure simply instructed to students by creating use of technologies and thru digitally animated videos. several barriers within the education system are broken with the introduction of technology within the field of education. the provision and movableness of those applications square measure the main blessings of victimization them. With the growing trends within the market educational app  of instructional apps here square measure a number of the most effective instructional apps for varsity students.

BYJU’S – learning app 

BYJU’S is that the world’s most valued ed-tech company. It essentially provides extremely effective and individualized learning programs for categories one – twelve (K-12). Having over forty million registered students and a couple of.8 million paid subscriptions, BYJU’S these days is one in every of the foremost most well-liked education platforms within the country. BYJU’S leverages technology to merge best practices just like the use of videos, participating content and quizzes with the most effective academics to form each kid get the most effective learning experiences.

Apart from these, there are many different contents obtainable for gratis on the BYJU’S web site, just like the study materials for varied boards and categories. this is often additionally the most effective resource for communication preparations. for example, a student of sophistication ten from a CBSE background will quickly talk over with the NCERT Solutions Class 10 Maths for any doubt clearance or to be told the strategy of finding issues in Maths. By this fashion, student’s square measure wide benefited with this resource.

educational apps


Toppr is one in every of India’s outstanding outside learning applications with a vision to form learning individualized for various students. It identifies the educational forms of candidates one by one and provides the broadest K12 course of study coverage with over one million course combos. Currently, on its platform it’s over eight million students.

Toppr primarily offers free on-line categories and additionally live categories for gratis to all or any its registered students. The app will be downloaded by any student for attending these live categories to either to clear their doubts and witness academics answer them in time period or find out about new ideas. For the convenience of attending, Toppr even posts a diary of their categories in previous.


Vedantu is one of India’s leading on-line tutoring corporations. Its distinctive point is that the quality of academics it’s. it’s over five hundred academics WHO have instructed over one million hours to a lot of that forty thousand students unfold across thousands of cities from over thirty countries. a lecturer on Vedantu is ready to produce personalised teaching by victimization two-way audio, video and whiteboarding tools wherever each the coed and therefore the teacher square measure capable of hearing, writing, seeing and interacting in time period.


Gradeup could be a leading communication preparation platform for various competitive exams. it’s helped over one.3 crores registered students across 2500 cities within the country to arrange actively for varied exams and score higher through its web site and app. Their on-line live categories are a game-changer within the market. A virtual room learning expertise is what they provide.

This includes interactive live categories, mind maps, mock tests with live analysis, yet as matched mentorship.