Month: October 2020

October 29, 2020

Top reasons you should blog on word press

Blogging has always been an easy way to earn income. If you know to write, then you definitely can blog. There are many reasons people choose to blog- and earning income is one of the top reasons. So if you are looking around for generating good income, then you should blog on your word press site.


  • Word press blogging allows you to get started free of cost
  • You don’t need to master any technique to create your website
  • You can search for hundreds of word press templates to create your blog

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 Use best plug-ins

Word press blogs offer you the convenience to make use of a good collection of plug-in tools on your blog site. This means that you may not have to look around for expert SEO services to help create your blog.

At present bloggers can make use of over 30,000 different word press blog plugins on their professional blog.

 Best themes

Good blogs need specific themes that blend in perfectly with the blogging content. So if you are interested in writing on topics related to SEO marketing, then you can select a specific theme for your blog.

Advertisements paid

If you place advertisements on your blog then word press will offer you consistent income. You did not spend a dime to create advertisements, but you will be paid for advertising other services on your blog.

This is considered a double income factor you generate income from leads and sales. You are free to select any number of Google advertisements for placing on your word press blog. You just have to ensure you have selected the right category for posting the contents.

Personal business

Word press blog can be your business the fact is that there are bloggers who generate thousands of dollars monthly for blogging. If you have that writing capability then you too can focus on generating good income.

You will be having your email address for your clients. You can share the email address and content link on your social media as well to generate organic traffic.

Future growth

Word press blogs do not restrict writers from posting content. You are free to add any number of pages to your blog. You can post any number of contents or advertise any services on the same blog. This factor is beneficial as other blogs do not offer this level of flexibility.

So when you want to blog make sure you select word press blog.


October 9, 2020

Reason Why Swimming Lessons Are Necessary For Babies

It is not easy for a baby to learn to move those little arms and legs together. However, kids’ swimming lessons can help improve children’s behaviour as they grow.

Swimming is the body’s impulse through water through the combined arm and leg movements and the natural flotation of the body. Swimming as an exercise is very beneficial for body developers.

When a baby moves their arms while kicking their legs in the water, their brain registers the noticeable sensation of water and resistance. Swimming is also a unique social experience that increases brain performance.

Some schools or institutions offer swimming lessons for kids Singapore. However, the instructors make sure that babies and children swim in a suitable and warm environment.

Once the kids are ready to swim on their own, they will move to larger pools to create the extra space. So all swimmers are motivated to develop their skills as much as possible.

They also want and need parents who join the water throughout the program, including in the later swimming levels. This not only keeps this activity going as a shared family event to ensure that learning continues outside of class while on vacation.

There are so many good reasons to take swimming lessons for kids Singapore. As well as being suitable for your child’s development, classes are the perfect place to bond with your children.

Private swimming coach Singapore

  1. Build your strength faster

Swimming helps keep your baby’s heart and lungs, and arm, leg, and neck muscles strong, which helps improve coordination and balance. It even helps maintain a healthy appetite.

  1. Improve the bond between you

By spending time in the water through eye contact, the strong bond between you and your baby is created.

  1. Teach them water safety 

If you teach them necessary safety skills from the start, they may not become afraid of the water later and will gain safety knowledge.

  1. Develop their social skills

The pool is the best place for your baby to improve their social interaction while having fun with other babies in the class. It’s also a great way to meet other like-minded parents!

In Singapore, most parents prefer these swimming schools for their babies who;

1) Create an age-appropriate atmosphere

The baby should feel safe and secure during activities that aid social, mental, physical, and emotional development. 

2) Touch the monitor

Whenever toddlers and toddlers are in or near the water – even during swimming lessons – the instructor should be outside the limits of the arm to ensure contact monitoring. Parental participation should be encouraged.

3) Maintain water purity

Children swallow or breathe water more often, so disinfecting the water and maintaining adequate levels of chlorine is very important. In any good program, a child should also be required to wear a swimsuit that is snug around their legs to prevent body debris from spreading in the water.

Children who can already swim can drown. Newborns and infants should never be left alone near a body of water.

    Safety rules should be strictly followed around the pool, e.g. B. no running or pushing others underwater.

    Wear a life jacket in the boat. Do not use inflatable toys or mattresses in place of a life jacket.

Learning to swim should be a priority for every family. It is an essential life skill that can not only help prevent drowning but also help in building strong muscles, building social skills, etc.

Swimming is a wonderful experience for parents and children. In our hectic, fast-paced life, this is one of the best ways to enjoy a togetherness experience. Swimming with children brings us into the present moment as we teach them vital life skills.