July 10, 2021

Explore With Opportunities Around Various Music Schools Singapore

By Alex Smith Doe

Music is preached by many in different countries and in different cultures which are known for raising awareness among young children. Creating and performing music involves the process of one’s skill of listening, creatively thinking, his/her motor skills, and social skills. Music is one way to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas. According to the research, music has been popular in Singapore over the years. There is around 261 music school singapore that teach various instruments like piano, guitar, drum, flute, violin, cello and so on.

The choice for certain music

In Singapore, a lot of institutions offer a variety of courses with several musical instruments with specialization in them. There are some factors which will give a better insight like-

  • What type of instrument: as mentioned, some schools only specialize in certain musical instruments, and others focus on teaching several instruments together. For example, if you want to specialize in violin then you have to choose a school accordingly which specializes in that subject.
  • Methodology: every institution varies in terms of its teaching methods. Some specialize in Suzuki while others opt for Kodaly or Orff methods for approach. It’s better to do some fine research before getting into the teaching methods they go for. This way you will understand how they help students engage in their way of learning.
  • Trail lesson: most often, music schools in Singapore offer trail-based sessions to students catering to what they can expect from them in their lesson taught. It’s a good idea to take an opportunity to figure out facts about the school, get the budget and also what all they teach. One can also ask about the certifications or specializations of teachers to better understand them and pick the right one accordingly to your comfort level.
  • Location: music is an activity that requires full commitment and dedication. Without that, even if you try learning, you can’t get better. With commitment comes convenience, which depends on your travel time. It is better to choose a school nearby to save on commute time as someday you would just feel lazy if it is far across the city. Reputed schools have branches which can be accessed in the area you live in.

Different genres

Whether it is for your interest or simply just to play a song, music genres are of different kinds you can choose which interests you. Some of the common ones in Singapore are:

  • Classical music
  • Jazz
  • Pop/opera
  • Chinese

Top schools in Singapore

  1. Aureus academy
  2. Ossia music school
  3. Mandeville conservatory of music
  4. Lee Wei song school of music
  5. Tanglewood music school
  6. Madison Academy of music
  7. edVox music school


With a plethora of opportunities, one should make a smart move to choose his/her interest with the school he/she wants to go to.