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August 13, 2022

How Do You Choose an Online Accounting Degree?

By Alex Smith Doe

A degree in accounting will give you a lot of opportunities in various industries, be it government agencies or private companies. Every organization needs an accountant to handle the finances. However, you must know that after completing your studies in the said field, you have several options for work which include investment banker, auditor, financial analyst, credit analyst, and financial advisor. It’s a good thing that you can find an accounting degree among the many courses online.

 When choosing an accounting degree online, you need time to check your options closely. It’s easy for you to become overwhelmed by the number of online offerings from various institutions when you don’t know how to assess a credible degree program. Here are some factors you have to consider:

Make sure it is accredited.

When you choose an online accounting degree, make sure that it is accredited by a licensed and approved academic institution and that it would be recognized by potential employers. Remember that online degrees also have to undergo a series of inspections if they meet particular standards for them to be recognized as accredited. These accreditations and professional association memberships have to be stated in the official website.

Check the length of time for the degree to be completed

You may want to check if they have an associate degree, a bachelor’s degree, and a master’s degree offered. The associate degree takes 1 to 2 years to complete while a bachelor’s degree takes 4 years. A master’s degree requires a bachelor’s degree for its applicant to be accepted in the program. The master’s program is an advanced degree that allows you to specialize in general or business management or a combination of these.

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Ask yourself what do you want to do or to practice

It’s critical that you know what you want or plan to do before you choose any of the courses online for accounting. You can find various certifications for different accounting specialists. You may want to ask yourself if you want to do any of these: work with families who are in debt, help entrepreneurs to invest and manage their finances, handle corporate accounts, or prepare taxes. Some positions may require you to have CMA, CFA, CPP, or any other certification. Find out what license or certification is required for the job you want to have. Make sure that you know what the employees are currently looking for in your field.

Consider what employers think about a degree from your chosen institution

According to Forbes, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) revealed that 87 percent of employers hire fresh graduates who have a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance and 23.6 percent of such employers were impressed with applicants who hold master’s degrees in accounting.