January 11, 2021


By Alex Smith Doe

The foundation:

          Every child born in this world deserves the best of education and life. The basic education of the child should be planned well and the needed designs of the curriculum has to be developed so that the child can have a better development in life and also be able to understand and study the subjects that are very interesting for them. The classes start at 8 am in the morning and the classes end at 4.15 in the evening and the parents can come and collect the children at the school in the evening.  The curriculum at the nursery in johor is very broad and a vast one where the designs are approved by consultation in England with the United Kingdom early years foundation which gives the curriculum according to the psychology of the child. Child development has to be considered from several angles which will give a holistic view of the curriculum for the children. The child should have an overall development. This will include the physical, mental and also in other aspects like communication, thinking, and many other areas of focus. Apart from the classroom education, the children are exposed to the outside world like the environment and they are given the opportunity to explore nature and walk around the garden and understand how nature works and how approach nature right from a very early age.

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Overall development:

  • The approach is called as the holistic approach and this will ensure that the child development is assured according to the pace of the child in his or her own way and speed of learning.
  • The classroom education here at the school will ensure that the child grows into a good thinker, goo in analyzing problems and also a very good problem solver in the years to come.
  • The school is established in a 90acre area which is surrounded by nature and the nature walks are available for the kids to be one with the environment and learn how to protect and nurture the nature.
  • This will give the children immense exposure to natural air; they grow healthy by breathing in clean air and the various smells and flavors of nature like flowers and plants.
  • The details of the course and the school are available on the webpage and the parent can get to know all the needed steps to enroll the kid in the school.
  • The school also gives opportunity that the kid learn to concentrate better and understand the concepts very well right from a young age and at the nursery in johor Your child gets wholesome education.