how to speak Chinese
November 8, 2019

Learn to speak Chinese fluently

By Alex Smith Doe


Fluency in speaking a language comes only when you are talking to some natives of that particular language. This is how one can get proficiency in any language.When it comes to Chinese if you have ever had a question, how to speak Chinese? Or if you want to have the natural accent of the language while speaking, you can try out some tips and tricks to come out of the translation of your native language into Chinese word to word and sign up for the program run by the following website  for the better-spoken skills in Chinese. If you do this, it seems to be more fluent as well as natural while you are speaking Chinese.

Do slight modifications when learning the language

The first youare the utilization of more the filler words. “nèige” is the most common and frequently sued filler word which most of the china people use, and it means that one. This word can be placed anywhere in the sentence you are talking, and the other filler word which is commonly used is the “ránhòu,” which means then. With the help of these two filler words, you can improve your fluency while speaking Chinese.

how to speak Chinese

For the best spoken Chinese, you need to get the tone of the language as Chinese is a tonal language. If you consider the English language, there is a way for pronouncing “a.”But in the case of the Chinese, the tone differs when speaking “a,” and each tone has different meanings. The tones in Chinese are escalating, flat, dip, etc. this concept might seem hard, but once practices will take you to the level of perfection.With the help of standard demonstration, the tones can be practised correctly and you can try your level best in learning the tomes, which are four in number initially of your spoken Chinese.

Watch Chinese programs for excellent speaking skills

The Chinese sentences need to practice and just not to remind them or remembering the Chinese words or the Chinese characters. If you sign up for a Chinese immersion program, the Chinese will talk to you, or the other way is to simply watch the tv programs on Chinese and get yourself engrossed into the language background of Chinese.


Chinese can be learned with the professionals who empower people with exceptional mandarin skills, and you can learn the language 3x that is three times as fast as you can learn any other language, and you can achieve the results to the best with the approach known as the flipped learning approach. And this can be done anywhere and anytime online at the comfort of the individual thus enhancing the language skills in Chinese.