October 12, 2021

Specific Art Classes For Kids Of Different Age Groups From Little Artists Art Studio

By Alex Smith Doe

About little artist art studio

Little artists art studio is a famous studio meant for doing different painting and art classes for kids and adults. It is one of the finest art-producing centers situated in Singapore. They offer many courses regarding art. Let’s discuss the few important courses of art provided by this institute.

Little blossoms course

Little blossoms is an early program for kids to learn about the basis of art. The art classes for kids here in Singapore are well known for their creative nature of explanation about arts. The varied nature of the art provided at the kids’ studio helps them actualize working with the kids and make them clear about their drawings. The initial basic teaching involves how to use color pencils, pastels, and other crayons. Little blossoms are mainly meant for kids of 2.5 to 6.5 years.

Junior Picasso course

Junior Picasso makes kids between 6.5 to 8.5 years old who can get introduced to painting and sketching concepts. The painting concepts are very simple yet described properly to make kids realize the best that can be done from the direction of art paintings. Soft pastels, oil pastels, poster colors, charcoal mix medium, are the different types of painting products used for the art of this level.

Budding artist program

This program is meant for kids who are the age between 8.5 yrs to 12 yrs. The budding artists of these programs are taught to represent different sketchings and different painting shades. Many attend art classes for kids and make use of the teaching from little artists’ art studios. Here poster colors, charcoal mix medium colors, soft pastels, oil pastels, etc.

Short term and regular classes

Little artist’s art studio helps to offer regular courses, but they do provide short-term classes and courses that are offered for a month or two. Those courses come at very effective prices, and kids love short-term courses more than regular courses. The way their education is taught makes them pioneers in their field.

Regular classes come with 1 hr daily, whereas short-term courses come with 2 to 3 hrs daily with limited months.


Art is a science that is not very easy. Only a few can draw well, and with a good art center like a little kids’ artist studio, the gift of art can be spread to many.