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June 14, 2019

IB Biology Class: The Solution To Ace IBDP

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a curriculum internationally accepted which students start from their second and extends up until the last year of their high school. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme enables students to apply to any university of their choice across the world. An IBDP involves the students taking up six subjects, and they also have three core requirements which they are required to complete simultaneously. The six subjects are chosen from six different groups, and the three cores are Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Action and Service (CAS).

Why you should try it?

An IBDP student has tons of various projects, course works, seminars, studies and reports. This is the reason students have to effectively manage their time. IBDP tutoring is provided by Tuttee.com who are striving best and reaching greater heights with every new session. One can reach out to the educational platform at https://www.tuttee.co/ibdp.  Various services provided by the Tutte.com include,

1. Exam syllabus- The site provides a calculated syllabus to the students who are likely to appear on exams.

2. Early coverage-com helps students complete their syllabus in advance and hence assists in saving time for practice and revision during exams. Exam technique is taught, and students are made to practice them. Specific key terms to be used in answers, the correct way of solving the question are some of the strategies taught.

3. Paper analysis- Doing Paper analysis is an important role played by Tuttle tutors. This helps the students be aware of the kind of questions which are usually asked on exams and hence be prepared to answer them smartly.Several various subjects are taught at the educational platform. Some of these subjects are,

IB Math Tutor

IBDP Chemistry

Chemistry requires fluid, conceptual understanding among the students, and consequently, the students should be capable of explaining various principles behind different chemical reactions. It is understood that rote memorization does not work for chemistry, in keeping with that, a clear understanding of concepts is more necessary than simply memorizing.

IBDP Biology

IB Biology has concepts that are straight forward; however, questions asked complex as well as abstract. IB Biology class helps students get acquainted with excellent answering techniques. The students need to exhibit their understanding by using certain specific keywords.

IBDP Physics

Physics requires the students to master the various principles which form the basis of physics. Physics is concerned about applications of the various principles. Students are trained to simplifying questions using various approaches.

IBDP Mathematics

Mathematics is concerned with arranging ideas rather than only numbers. One needs to understand the rationale as well as apply the various concepts.


Most of the students at Tutte.com have been successful in securing a 7 in IB Bio. Various strategies adopted are,

  • Topics are covered early to provide enough time for revision.
  • Past papers are analysed for effective learning.

Various IB Bio tutors present at Tutte.com are,

  • Raphael who is a Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Miki is a specialist in Chemistry & Biology
  • Edwin Biology specialist
  • Jeffrey head biology tutor.

For students to secure a 40+ in their IB score, one must strive to cover topics from the curriculum at earliest possible IB biology class. And Tutte.com helps students in achieving that.