January 5, 2019


By Alex Smith Doe

Once in a while, it is good to take your school children away from school and home to expose them to another dimension of learning. This can only be achieved when you engage in residential trips. The value of school trips away from home has made many schools out there to establish it as one of their school activities. Allnatt school is not left out in this beneficial engagement. Through Allnatt school trips, both the primary pupils, and secondary students are having an exceptional improvement in their academics after each school trip. Schools students always give testimonials and express their delight on the value of residential trips to them. Exposure to knowledge, confidence building and healthy relationship are some of the things student get to benefit from Allnatt school trips. Be it the first residential trip, it is proven that passion for studying in school students are enhance dare the motivation to know more is on increase. Many primary school pupils indicated that their behaviour in school after a school trip is better. This has play a role in restoring respect among pupils, between pupils with their teachers.

As a result of Allnatt school trips, the relationship that exist between Allnatt students and relationship with their school teachers are better. There is a better understanding as they get to know what their colleague love and hate. We are fast to indulge in this school trips having known the advantages. Academic success of our students has a lot to do with good relationship between the teachers impacting on students and the students receiving the impartation. This has made us to value and make Allnatt school trips a priority. We visit different places to achieve our targets. The teachers on the other hand gets to know what they’re students are passing through and with this knowledge, they know how best to help them overcome their weakness and to convert it to strength. If there is anything that gives school children joy, it is knowing their teachers more than what they know in class. We have quality outdoors programs and activities for you to join us in your residential trip.

Benefits of Allnatt school trips to students

  • There is improvement in students engagement to their study after each school trip.
  • There is enhancement of student’s skills,and knowledge.
  • The Allnattschool trips have given students the support to achieve more in their educational pursuit.
  • Students now learn better and their understanding is higher after any school trip.
  • When the grade of students that went for school trip was compared to those that didn’t, it was seen that students who participated had more improvement.
  • Self-confidence is built and they involve themselves to new things.
  • Students relate better with their fellow students and teachers after a school trip.

Benefits of Allnatt school trips to teachers

    • Teachers understand their students better in their strength and weakness.
    • They are exposed to more knowledge, which they used in teaching their students.
  • Students in Allnatt, have more confidence to do new things they have been neglecting before the residential trip.